Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dr Crackerjaw

Police: Unlicensed Dentist Used Box Cutters

POSTED: 8:14 am EDT May 2, 2007 UPDATED: 5:41 pm EDT May 2, 2007

CARROLLTON, Ga. -- Authorities have arrested an illegal immigrant on charges that he ran an unlicensed dental practice out of his home in Carrollton. Ernesto Estrado is accused of performing procedures on hundreds of illegal immigrants who were too afraid to go to a licensed dentist. Authorities say the man used pliers, box cutters and etching blades he bought at a hardware store to pull teeth, fill cavities and create dentures. Authorities searched his home and found prescription painkillers, hypodermic needles and a ledger that detailed cash payments from more than 100 people. Estrada is being held without bond in the Carroll County Jail. Channel 2 will have a live update on Channel 2 Action News at 6.

I think I might have come close to "Richmanwisco" with this one. No matter how much pain I was in I don't think I'd let anyone in my mouth with a box cutter. Besides Ernesto could have easily made more money bilking the government and the insurance companies than taking cash from a few immigrants.
And what does this have to say about all the dentists that actually spent the time & money to go through dental school, opened an office and took out a Yellow Book add, when all Ernesto had to do was move his sofa aside and put a higher wattage bulb in the chandelier.

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