Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Rant And Then Some

You just gotta love Oreo's, they fill you up (3 cookies 160 calories), they go great with milk, and you can combine them with other good stuff (for example - cream cheese & white chocolate) to make great stuff.

OK, here's the rant part - what's up with this NEW easily re-sealed bag? Around here there's no need for an Oreo bag to ever be re-sealed, they don't last that long. Once you pull back the seal on this redesigned bag you still need Houdini to extricate the cookies from their plastic grave.
So I'm making "Oreo Balls" which after you extricate the Oreo's from the newly engineered bag requires that you mix the cookies into a fine chocolaty powder.

Now here's the "then some" part. In case you didn't know know this - When using a blender to crush the Oreos and the Oreo powder gets impacted around the blades - do not, in frustration, ram a wooden spoon into the depths of the chocolaty powder. Because you end up with chocolaty powder mixed with toothpicks and a useless spoon.
I'm sure the beer in the above picture did not impact my judgment in this situation.
Fast forward - another trip to the store and the involvement of a slightly heavier duty piece of kitchen equipment - no more broken spoons and a tray of "Oreo Balls" in the fridge.


Ken Stewart said...

Steve, this is hilarious! The spoon thing is most definitely something I would do...

Frick said...

Wood vs. spinning metal blades = Hell of a noise and spikes the 'ol heart rate, immediately.