Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Career Counseling

With "Goose" fast approaching her first year in college it's only fair to pigeon hole an 18 year old into deciding what they want to do for the rest of their life - I mean it would only be a couple of bucks for her to change her major during her Junior year - right?
Being a responsible parent I put together a list of some good career choices and some not so good career choices.

Jobs In Demand

NFL Trainers that can treat a gunshot wound "Link"
Barber "Link"
Number changer for gas station signs "Link"
"You go now you been here 4 hours" buffet police "Link"
Relocation specialist for the Real Housewives of Atlanta "Link"
Baby sitter for Bill Clinton "Link"

Jobs Not So Much In Demand

Pilot for auto manufacturers private jet "Link"
Circuit City greeter "Link"
AIG event planner "Link"
Republican press secretary "No Link Needed"
Ball point pen manufacturer for signing car loans "Link"

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