Sunday, September 21, 2008

Travel Tip #26

If you have a safe in your hotel room, don't always trust it!
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A few time a year I get lucky enough to stay in what you would call one of the "Better" hotels. They're usually are stocked with a better grade of toiletries, real glasses, a cordless phone and if it's a really nice hotel you get an in room safe.
Now I don't have anything that I would deem worthy of locking in a safe, but being a nerd I'm intrigued with anything that has a keypad and an LED display. Meaning it requires further investigation.

Last week I checked into one of these "Better" hotels (how can they come up with a $700.00 per night rack rate) and there's my safe. Except instead of being bolted to the floor in the closet this one's stuck in the TV hutch.

After about .5 of a second I had said safe out of the hutch on the bed and ready to throw in my suitcase and head out the door. The bottom side of the safe looked like it could be torn open with a screwdriver or a cinder block which ever would be the handiest.
Note to the hotel staff - use something stronger than double sided tape to make sure your safe is safe.

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