Sunday, November 05, 2006

Should You Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth?

One of the things that I have learned to accept with business travel is "If you can catch a break and make it home early, especially on a Friday take it". Even if your new flight lands just an hour before your original flight take it, you have to it's the law of the land. Even if means negotiating on the phone with the Delta rep when your speeding towards the airport in your sweet rental while simultaneously trying to program the GPS you have to take the earlier flight. Even if means your in such a hurry that you leave your cell phone charger in the rental you have to take the earlier flight.
Now taking the earlier flight also means that you will no longer have your preferred window seat, more than likely you'll be squeezed into the dreaded "Middle" seat. Usually you can kiss any shot at an upgrade bye-bye as well. But remember you're getting home earlier.
Well last Friday I was not prepared for my earlier flight out of Myrtle Beach. Now I have learned that anytime you have to walk across the tarmac to your plane it means your flying on some sort of a commuter type contraption. Well when I saw my flight it was indeed a commuter, a commuter with a big propeller hanging off the front of each freaking wing, dear God.
Talk about a noisy ass flight "The Wifes" Taurus was quieter than this albatross, but hey I did make it home early and on a Friday.

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