Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hotel Designers Please Take Note.

It seems that I spend the better part of my evenings in hotels. I am amazed at what gets by for hotel room design. It seems that in most rooms the desk is facing the opposite direction of the TV. This forces me to jump into my HG TV mode and re-design the room so that I can see the TV while I'm working, I have priorities. Most rooms don't have enough electrical outlets, most trips I'm rolling with a laptop, cell phone, PDA, camera & MP3 player and all I can find is one or two open outlets. One of the worst designs is the bathroom towel rack, most times it sits directly above the toilet and most trips I manage to dunk a towel or two right into the bowl. You would think that the house keeping crew would raise a voice or two and mention to management "Hey we're tired of dragging 10lb towels out of these damn toilets, why doesn't someone move the towel rack to another wall?"

Another room another wet towel, of course I guess I could manage to be a little more careful. But then I wouldn't have anything to moan about.

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