Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rant Of The Week

Why do people read blogs? So they can find out what everyone rants about? Maybe who knows.
Be that as it may, here's my rant of the week.
"H" has soccer practice twice a week. Where he practices they have a great running/walking trail, 1.5 miles through the woods, it's paved, has mile markers and several nice grades, to sum it up, it's much better than running on a treadmill while watching re-runs of "Murder She Wrote".
But lately (here come the ranting part) there has been an abundance of people talking on their cell phone while on the trail, what's up with that? Look I try to be as connected as possible, driving directions sent to my cell phone, all of my calendars are sync'd so that "The Wife" can always tell where I'm at, "RFID" chip implanted under my skin (not really, maybe next year), etc......
Of course most of the people jacking their jaw are walking right down the middle of the trail and have know idea that there are people behind them trying to pass, it's like being on "I-85".
What really got this all started was the lady last night that was walking & talking, but she had her phone on speaker. So there I was minding my own damn business, running through the woods and I begin to hear voices. Not the normal voices that are always in my head, but conversation voices. What the "" where is this coming from and then around the corner she appeared. Her Nokia clipped to her blouse, bouncing up and down with each step she took, I half expected to see her carrying a Starbucks.
Well at least they are exercising, at least they are doing something, maybe, but damn can't they put down their phone for a lap or two?
OK, that was it, the rant of the week now you can go and check out what "Scoble" has too say.

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