Saturday, September 30, 2006

But Doesn't Jesus Already Know My Pin Number?

Well it has finally happened, first you could use your debit to pay for gas at the pump, then you could pay for your Taco Bell with a debit card and now you can swipe your debit card for God. No more throwing a dime, 5 pennies and 2 buttons into the offering plate on Sunday morning.
Check out the name "Giving Kiosks", this is just perfect for all of the arena rock style church's that are popping up all across the countryside. Now I wonder if you feel the pangs of guilt and you overdraft your account one Sunday morning will the church force the bank to charge you for insufficient funds or will it just be forgive and forget? Hmmmmmm.
The lord wants a new Porsche and he wants me to drive it.
via "BoingBoing"

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