Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Win An iPod

No this is not one of those cheezie contests where you have to buy 35 different items thats total cost is equal to 3 iPods, this is legit.
Kris (with a K) & Betsy host a three episode per week podcast direct from Naperville IL (one of the top cities to live in I might add). They are funny, and I know funny and are worth a listen. They are approaching their 300th episode and want to add 300 NEW listeners by that 300th show. So what better grassroots marketing campaign than to give something away. In this case they are giving away iPods, four of them.
Now for the un-knowing you don't need an iPod to listen to a podcast you can listen to their show right from their website or download it and listen of your mp3 player of choice, it's that easy.
Even "The Wife" enjoys listening to them and is somewhat really caught up in their adventures.
OK, so why and I pimping this? Well if you click on the graphic above it will take you their 300 by 300th page where you will fill out some new listener information at the bottom of the page you will see my name as the referrer. If you are the 300th or if your name is drawn, both you and I receive an iPod. Pretty easy, huh................

Give them a listen and while the whole show archive is superb a great place to start would be show #235 "The Vacation" show.

They are just like you and I only funnier

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