Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Week In Review

It has been a very busy week around here, imagine that.

It appears that we are now catless (if that's a word). "Zippy" left out of the house last Saturday and has not been seen since. She has spent the last few weeks acting very strange, sleeping in front of the toilets, letting out strange noises and walking in and out of everyone's legs. "Goose" is thinking that she went away to die, the rest of the family is starting to believe this as well. "Zippy" was a decent cat as far as cats go and was 13 years old, in this house that's a record for a pet.
I took a couple of days off this week and managed to put a dent in the mess that resides in the basement. I installed a pull-up bar so that "H" can practice his monkey boy stunts.
This week also saw the start of school for the kids. "H" headed out for his first day of middle school. No picture of "Goose" because she left way to early for us to see her out.
This is going to get really weird (as if it's not weird enough already) before it's all over.

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