Monday, January 16, 2006

Why Am I In This Handbasket

And Where Am I Going??????
I flew into Baltimore last night (and boy are my arms tired) and on the way out of the airport I decided to grab a quick sandwich. After the president of the local mensa chapter took my order. (Do you want chicken with that? Yeah genius, that's why it's called a chicken sandwich)
I wandered over to the soda bar to fill my 12oz. "Super Jumbo"sized cup and saw this below.

Now the camera phone didn't take the greatest picture but what your seeing is a bucket labeled "Spoons" filled with straws. Not one or two misplaced straws in the spoon bucket. No this spoon bucket now was the official straw home. I looked back at "Mr Mensa" "Do you want that super-sized?" and wondered if this was his handiwork. No it couldn't be, this was to far advanced for him it must of been the super-genius in the corner, the one on break, asleep with his head peacefully resting on the table.

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