Monday, January 02, 2006

My Continued Hatred For Squirrels

Welcome to the New Year Mr. Squirrel. There have been a few rule changes for the coming year and I am here to make you aware of them.

Rule #1
*Boo Kitty has been promoted to the level of "Outdoor Cat". All of Boo Kitties meals are to be harvested outside by Boo Kitty herself. Guess what Mr. Squirrel you like outside and sometimes life sucks.

Rule #2
Refer to Rule #1

Rule #3

Again refer to Rule #1

* For those not aware Boo Kitty is a 15lb no nonsense ball of angered fur. She has taken on a 220lb full grown man in the dark and will have no problem with a small bushy rodent in the light of day.

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