Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Hungry

NASCAR Cafe in Vegas Selling 2-foot, 6-pound Burrito

Even in a recession, bigger is still apparently better. Either that or someone at the Sahara Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas just really likes burritos. The hotel's NASCAR Cafe has begun selling a two-foot, six-pound burrito called "The Bomb." The reward for finishing the monstrous meal? "Free unlimited rides on a roller coaster that runs in both forward and reverse." Oh and a t-shirt saying, they "Conquered the Bomb."

Say what? How about letting the winner recuperate from a near-death food coma in a penthouse suite? Roller-coaster rides. Jeez.

However, we do like the t-shirts given to folks who accept the challenge but fail. They receive an extra-small pink t-shirt that says "Weenie." And they have to pay the $19.95 burrito price.
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I'm a self diagnosed "foodie", (I didn't have the cash for Med School, or the grades). This thing is right up my alley. I'm managed to put an ass whooping or two on the local Taco Bell and I figure if I combine all of those experiences into one I could conquer the "Bomb" and get a cool t-shirt to boot.

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