Monday, February 02, 2009

Of Confidence & Accountability

I usually don't do many thought provoking posts - too many words, punctuation comes into play and then people make thought provoking comments that you then have to answer. I'm more of a "Fail Blog" kind of guy.

Now as most know I'm not much of a football watching kind of a guy, I'd rather play, I suck but I'd rather play than watch. I do generally watch the Super Bowl if for no other reason than to see what the marketing folks think we need to be buying. In the general flow of games lasts nights was average (IMHO) until the last few minutes. Now I know all of the ravenous football fans are rolling their eyes at that last sentence. What I took away from the game was some of the statements made by Santonio Holmes.

"I said to him that I wanted to be the guy to make the plays for this team," Holmes said.
"Great players step up in big-time games to make plays."

"I dared the team," Holmes told reporters. "I came up and told Ben that I want to be the guy.
Just give me the ball, give me the chance to make plays and I will do it for you."

I don't know much about Santonio Holmes football skills but since he's a pro I'm going to guess that they are above average. What I take away from these web gems is a sense of confidence a sense of accountability. "Just give me the ball, give me the chance to make plays and I will do it for you." he's not the guy looking for someone to blame when things don't pan out he's not the guy saying "It's not my job, man" he's the guy willing to walk the walk & talk the talk. There's not a whole lot of Santonio Holmes types around but we need them. Maybe some of our countries CEO's and top level executives take their own web gems away from the game as I did.
Here's a some more of Santonio Holmes "LINK"

There will probably be one or two more serious posts this year since we still have an anniversary and a High School graduation to make it through.

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