Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Pussification Continues

School Bans Tag After Parents Complain

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A Colorado Springs elementary school is banning the game of tag on its playground --
after some children complained that they'd been chased or harassed against their will. Assistant Principal Cindy
Fesgen of the Discovery Canyon Campus school said running games will be allowed, as long as students don't chase
each other.
Chase each other, yeah that pretty much describes tag. Lets see what other running games are left?
Football - you get to run, but it's to violent, no good.
Baseball - you get to run but you risk getting beaned by a baseball, no good.
Tennis - you need a court for every two or four kids in the class, no good.
Dodgeball - what are you nuts, no good.

Fesgen said two parents complained to her about the ban, but most parents and children didn't object. Two elementary schools in the nearby Falcon School District did away with tag and similar games in 2005 in favor of alternatives with less physical contact.
Less physical contact than tag? What's the name of that game? Have you been to an Elementary school lately? These kids are out of shape and overweight. Kids need to run they need physical contact (except for my 17 year old daughter).

Officials at Evans and Meridian Ranch elementaries say that encouraged more students to play games, and helped reduce playground squabbles.
Kids squabble they're supposed too, it's how they train for marriage, careers and such
The next playground game to disappear will be Hide And Seek - Everyone is hiding from me. This isn't fair I'm lonely, no one will be my friend.
We used to play "Kill The Man With The Ball" could you imagine playing that in this day and age? Some kids liable to bust a "MAC 10" out of their book bag and play the game literally.

Colorado Springs schools are not alone. Schools in Cheyenne, Wyo., Spokane, Wash., and Attleboro, Mass., have banned
tag at recess. A suburban Charleston, S.C., school not only banned tagged, but outlawed all unsupervised contact sports.


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