Sunday, August 12, 2007

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Man says hold the cheese, claims McDonald's didn't, sues for $10 million
by Justin D. Anderson
Daily Mail Staff

A Morgantown man, his mother and his friend are suing McDonald's for $10 million.

The man says he bit into a hamburger and had a severe allergic reaction to the cheese melted on it.

Jeromy Jackson, who is in his early 20s, says he clearly ordered two Quarter Pounders without cheese at the McDonald's restaurant in Star City before heading to Clarksburg.

His mother Trela Jackson and friend Andrew Ellifritz are parties to the lawsuit because they say they risked their lives rushing Jeromy to United Hospital Center in Clarksburg.

The lawsuit alleges Jeromy "was only moments from death" or serious injury by the time he reached the hospital.

"We're interested in seeing McDonald's take responsibility and change a systemic quality control problem that endangers the lives of up to 12 million Americans with allergies," said Timothy Houston, the Morgantown lawyer representing the plaintiffs.

Houston said his clients were in Morgantown in October 2005 and stopped at the Star City McDonald's on the way home to Clarksburg. Jeromy Jackson was living with his mother at the time.

Jeromy did his part to make it known he didn't want cheese on the hamburgers because he is allergic, Houston said.

He told a worker through the ordering speaker and then two workers face-to-face at the pay and pick-up windows that he couldn't eat cheese, Houston said. "Read More"

Poor Mr. Jackson it must suck having deadly food allergies, but has he never been to a McDonald's? The McDonald's folks have a hard time getting straws & napkins into your bag as they try to whisk you through the drive through in under 90 seconds.
Making a request that requires "Sir Make-A-Burger" to be able to read "No Cheese" and then to follow through with that, well that's where you found yourself Mr. Jackson.
Mr. Jackson I'm not sure if this will make it trial and I'm not sure if you'll get $10,000,000.00 (that's a bunch of zeros) but I will give you some free advice. Next time you go through a drive-thru and even if you don't make a special request open the damn bag before you blindly start stuffing your face, it might just same your life.


richmanwisco said...

how much do you think the pickles they left on my quarter pounder are worth? 8 mil, i'd guess.

Frick said...

At least 8 mil.
I've never understood pickles anyway. You're eating tasting meat & bun then all of a sudden you bite into a quarter size pickle then next bite you're back to meat & bun no more pickle. I've just never understood the allure of pickles.

Blogger said...

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