Sunday, June 03, 2007

A No Girls Allowed Weekend

"H" and I placed both the girls on a plane Friday morning and sent them away for a few days. That left both of us holding the reins of "Frick's World". At a little more than 48 hours into this journey he is the tally of things we've done:
All of the animals have been fed, both days.
We saw "Spiderman 3" stadium seating rules.......
We ate at "California Pizza Kitchen".
We've played over 6 hours of "Need For Speed Carbon".
We watched "Employee Of The Month" & "xXx".
We visited with my sister.
We did find time to water the plants.
We stayed up late.

Things we did not do:
Made our beds.
Got out of our pajamas before 10:00 am.
Ate at the dinner table.
Go to "Hooters".

All in all there was the strong scent of Testosterone around here.

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