Monday, September 13, 2004

There has To Be A Use For Pinecones

I spent 2 hours cleaning up the yard after the remains of Francis hit Atlanta. I picked up 2 wheelbarrows full of pinecones that were on the ground. Once done I rested and tilted my bald head back to take in the afternoon sun. As I was peering up towards the heavens I noticed that hanging from each and every pinetree in the yard was another dozen wheelbarrows worth of freaking pinecones. Now what in the world do you do with pinecones. I started throwing them one by one into the woods, that was fun for about 2 minutes. Then I thought I would make the wife a wreath with them. That would be a good idea but I would have to make two of them so we would have a matching set. I thought about throwing them at the squirels (Squirels are nothing but rats with a cute uniform) because they are always throwing crap at me when they are perched in the pinetrees, but I could not find any squirels. I ended up dumping them into the backyard burn pile.

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