Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hump Day

Halfway through the week. We started out in Greenville SC then drove up to Hickory NC and now we are in Charlotte NC. If you are ever in Charlotte do not stay at the Holiday Inn on Woodlawn & 77. We go to check in at 5:00 and they still do not have the rooms cleaned. Then when we get to our rooms we find out that they only have high speed connections in certain rooms and as you would guess its not the rooms that we were in. Back to the desk time to check out and down the road to the Hampton. How can a hotel not have rooms ready at 5:00 in the afternoon.
We have been up early every morning running 2 to 3 miles, talk about getting the blood flowing. I have lost 65 pounds in the last 11 months only 5 more to go and I'm trying to get it done by the end of the month.
Heading back to Atlanta Thursday afternoon, gonna try to beat the wind and rain from Ivan.


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