Sunday, July 01, 2007

Am I The Only Person That Hates IKEA

For "Goose's" 17th birthday the offer was made to redecorate her room (it had been 5 years after all). The part of the plan that I had not completely thought through was the part about going to "IKEA" for the furniture, and I hate IKEA. Its not the quality or the price of the furniture. The part I can't stand is when you have to go to the "Market Level" to actually pick up the stuff that you just spent the last 2 hours deciding on. First you grab a cart that is 100 times worse that any grocery store shopping cart, each wheel has a mind of its own. Then after you wander the isles looking for your items you get to head to the checkout. Checkout (for me) is where the fun really begins. We've all been to the grocery and we've all seen the self checkout, right? And we've all seen the people that have no clue how to scan a bar code or use a touch screen kiosk. Well I believe that IKEA is the gathering place for these technology challenged folks, and most seem to end up in line in front of me.
Plus they pulled a flim-flam on me when I bought some licorice that turned out to in fact be "Salt Licorice".

In case you're wondering "Goose" chose and a nice shade of Pepto-Bismol pink, which I'm hoping won't be to hard to cover up in a few years when she moves out.

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